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Second Tiger Win In A Row















The long weekend started well for the Tigers yesterday as they posted a strong 68 point win at home over the Glasgow Sharks to make it two wins in two weeks at our home ground in Gosforth, and also two wins this season against the formidable Sharks (20.13.133 vs 8.17.65).


The Sharks did really well in the opening quarter, matching it with the Tigers despite having made the trip down from Glasgow minus a couple of their key playmakers to be only three points down at quarter time. 


But, as the game wore on and fatigue became a factor, the Tigers gradually started to find their mojo. They began to dominate most aspects of the game and started hitting the scoreboard regularly as they progressively built a strong lead and eventual victory.


But, much like last week, our Tiger satisfaction comes not just from what the scoreboard says at the end of the day, but from the quality of effort the players demonstrate out on the field. 


And, again like last week, on that score there were plenty of positives.


First up, Tiger debutants Harvey Marks, Kevan O’Brien and Markus Mader all acquitted themselves really well. 


You could tell that Markus has played the game before, with well timed running patterns and obvious ‘game awareness’ meaning that he consistently offered himself as a dangerous forward line target for his team mates as they transitioned from defence to attack, but genuine first gamers Harvey and Kevan were fantastic as well, and will only get better with more training and games under their belt.


Secondly, Nick Hrdina played a blinder of a game. In a ‘best afield’ performance he seemed to be everywhere, pulling down big ‘speccies’ in the forward line one minute and then applying huge midfield and defensive tackling pressure and chase the next. His creative play and run saw him finish with five goals for the day, but that could have been eight or nine but for some gettable misses in the early part of the game. It was great to watch!


And lastly, and again a bit like last week, there was the fact that every other Tiger out there contributed solidly throughout the game as well. Depth matters, and the Tigers are certainly reaping the benefits of having greater depth this year than we’ve ever had in the past.


But, all of that was yesterday. 


We thank the Sharks for travelling down from Glasgow so we could all have a great game of ‘footy’ and a few beers afterwards, but we move on, and we’re back at training on Wednesday night at 18.30, with our thoughts now turning to our next game in two weeks time against the Glasgow Giants up in Glasgow. Bring it on.


Carn’ the Tiges!

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