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Everyone likes a sing-a-long right? Well, so do we, so much so that we have our own club song that we sing in celebration of every hard won victory that we manage to achieve. 

Check it out, and by all means please feel free to get involved with our club and come and sing it with us! - Richmond Theme Song 2024-3ScynOmTRMY-192k-1709636887Artist Name
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Oh we're from Tigerland
A fighting fury
We're from Tigerland
In any weather you will see us with a grin
Risking head and skin
If we're behind then never mind
We'll fight and fight and win
For we're from Tigerland
We never weaken til the final siren's gone
Like the Tiger of old
We're strong and we're bold
For we're from Tiger
Yellow and Black
We're from Tigerland.

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