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The Tigers Bounce Back

The ‘footy gods’ were benevolent again yesterday, sending us sunny skies and a gentle breeze for our clash against the Edinburgh Bloods 2, and after being soundly beaten by the Bloods 1 team last week the Tigers were eager to draw a bit of blood of their own, and ran out 73 point victors (18.25.133 vs 8.12.60).


It was an interesting game for both sides, with both teams eager to give players new to the game ‘combat experience’ and to try out new playing styles and systems, and despite the apparent lopsided nature of the scoreboard both sides had positives to take out of the game.


From a Tigers perspective one of the highlights of the day was key forward David Hodgson kicking his 100th goal for the club. Well done Hodgy – only 1200 more to go before you’ve caught up with Plugger Lockett!!


But even though we applaud individual efforts and milestones when they occur the bottom line is that 'Aussie Rules' is a team sport, and the more consistent nature of the performances of each player yesterday will have been the thing that coach Chris Rodger was most pleased by, with Paddy Blain, Nick Hrdina, and Brady Evans all particularly solid all day.


But there is still lots of work to be cracking on with. At times when moving forward to attack we missed connecting with team mates who were better positioned to take a shot at goal, and in defence there was the occasional comedy of errors that reminded us that we can never take the bounce of an aussie rules football for granted.


But for all of that, it was still a satisfying win against respected opponents who are part of a strong club that continues to set the benchmark that the Tigers  and all other clubs in the AFL Scotland league need to keep working hard to match.


And so we go again next Saturday 25th of May when the Glasgow Sharks roll into town. We know the Sharks will be eager to even the scores after the Tigers won a tight first Season 2024 encounter against them a few weeks ago in Glasgow. 


How will it all pan out? Time will tell, but either way, we look forward to the game, and the BBQ afterwards. Sunshine, aussie rules football, the U.K. in May on a long weekend, a BBQ, and a beer or two afterwards – what more could you ask for? 


Well, maybe a win!


Carn the Tiges! ​

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