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Tigers Season '24 Preview

The Tigers 2024 season kicks off on the 20th April against our rivals the Glasgow Sharks, and it’s fair to say we can’t wait to resume the battle against the Sharks and our other rivals in the AFL Scotland Australian Rules Football league.


10 Reasons To Play Australian Rules Football

‘Aussie Rules’ football is the most popular spectator sport played ‘down under’, and it’s popularity is growing fast in many other parts of the world as well. Here are ten great reasons to consider giving it a try: 1. It’s a great way to get – and stay – fit. Requiring a combination of aerobic fitness, speed, strength, balance and co-ordination, Aussie Rules will help you get lean and strong in a really fun way. 2. It’s great fun. The game is fast, entertainingly high scoring, and exciting to both play and watch. 3. You’ll make great friends. Our club prides itself on the camaraderie and friendships that our club is built around, and we think most ‘Aussie Rules’ clubs have a similar ethos. Come along and give it a go – you’ll be made to feel very welcome, and won’t feel like a stranger for long. 4. Aussie Rules is a game that people of all shapes and sizes can play. There are important roles for the big six foot plus folks, but equally vital roles for the five foot folks as well, and every team needs a mixture of players in order to perform at its best in every facet of the game. 5. You’ll retain your natural good looks! None of the cauliflower ears or squashed noses of rugby, ‘Aussie Rules ‘– whilst being a contact sport – doesn’t tend to be as ‘head on physical’ as other sports such as rugby or American Football.  6. You can build skills that will complement other sports that you might be playing. Many of our team members also play other sports such as rugby, Gaelic Football, and soccer, and the skills and fitness they build through playing ‘Aussie Rules’ from April to August stands them in really good stead when the autumn comes around and those other codes get going again. 7. You don’t need to be an Oscar winning actor or actress to play ‘Aussie Rules’ – players just don’t tend to carry on the way they seem to in certain other sporting codes. A bit like rugby, our game is competitive but fair, and we all like to be able to sit down and share a drink with our opponents after a game has finished. 8. You don’t need to be an Australian to play ‘Aussie Rules’. There are some ‘Aussies’ in our club, but if you check out the ‘Meet the Tigers’ page of our website you’ll see that we come from all over the place, including England, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, and Japan. And whilst we don’t currently have a ladies team, a few of the other teams in our competition do. 9. You never know who you’ll bump into at an Aussie Rules match. Recent converts to the game include Robbie Williams and President Joe Biden, and the Tigers actually had premiership player ‘Leggy’ Markov train with us on a couple of occasions last year. The bottom line is that on any given Saturday during the ‘footy’ season down in Australia the great and the good get together to have a great time, and that’s what we aim to do up here in the U.K. as well. 10. And, lastly, have we said how much fun it is? Come, have a go, and get involved. We love it, and there’s a fair chance you will too!

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