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Match Report: Saturday 22/4/23
Kingdom Kangaroos (8.8.56) defeated by Tyne Tees Tigers (16.16.112)

The Tigers eagerly anticipated opening game of the 2023 season reinforced two basic facts about Australian Rules Football:


  1. No matter how much you train it’s really hard to replicate the intensity and physical demands of a real live match.

  2. The aerobic running power of an ‘aussie rules’ team is fundamental in shaping the         outcome of the games it plays.


In blustery conditions the Tigers were a little rusty early as hurried kicks and dropped marks were an early feature of the game. However, as time wore on and some of the initial pre game adrenalin burnt off, the players started to settle and began to find patches of rhythm in our play that saw the scoreboard begin to tick over in our favour.


Not for the first time the example set by our skipper Roy Brannigan was huge, but he was ably supported by the calm heads around him, with great efforts from Ben Hawtin, Cam Armstrong and Luke Rowson in particular.


As the game progressed the Tigers gained the ascendancy and never really relinquished it to run out comfortable victors in trying conditions. And - whilst it’s fair to say we probably weren’t quite at the standards we’re aiming to set for ourselves this year - there was much to celebrate on the bus journey back home, including:


  • The guts and determination shown by a few of our guys whose pre season training had been severely disrupted by injury or illness.


  • The fantastic efforts of some of our newer players whose improved understanding of the game and ability to carry out the specific roles asked of them has been immense.


  • The first game efforts of Adam Trewick and Zach Haddon (Zach had only had his first Tiger training session 3 nights before his debut!) – outstanding, and we can’t wait for more.


We thank the Roos for hosting us at their new venue in Glenrothes, and now turn our attention to our home match next Saturday 29/4/23 at 2pm, which will be a tough encounter against last year’s Grand Finalists the Glasgow Sharks. 


Carn The Tiges!

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