2017 AFLCNE Round 5 vs Huddersfield @ Huddersfield YMCA Rugby Club

The tigers were heading down to Huddersfield again but this time we were playing the host and with that comes a full strength Rams team.
It was always going to be a tough day but before the ball was even bounced I believed we had 3 big positives.
This weekend we welcomed 3 new Tiger players.
Lewis HopeHarry Telfer and James Fraser!!
All 3 had never played an Aussie Rules game before so it was going to be a baptism of fire for them. Their enthusiasm and excitement pre game was for all to see and was fantastic to see them all grow as the game went on.
First quarter was relatively even and by half time we were certainly not out of it....trailing by 26 at the main break. 
Huddersfield kicked away a bit in the premiership quarter but still we held firm and never dropped our head, although Mini earned our 'dick of the day' when he tried to drop Huddersfields lovable larakin Boothy only to smash a few flys in the process!! Full marks for trying though!
All in all a tough day but again it was easy to find positives.
Angus Juers was easily bog with his zip zapping runs and a couple of handy goals. 
Next week we head back home for lightening round 1....Tigers V Manchester and Tigers V Mersey....surely we couldn't get 2 wins😉

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