2017 AFLCNE Round 1 Vs Manchester @ Burnage Rugby Club

Manchester 32.24.216 def Tigers 1.6.12

Round one was always going to be a tough start to the season against the reining premiers.
But the boys that travelled down were enthusiastic and keen to start the season on a positive. With a lovely day on the cards the Pommy contingent were cursing themselves for not bringing the suntan lotion...even our new Irish recruit Nolsey was looking a bit sweaty!!

Never the less the game went ahead and the enthusiasm and keeness continued on the field with first gamer Matty getting a bit of leather poisoning in what will turn out to be a debut to remember.
Goals were hard to come by from the Tigers but our fullback Trav had his hands full all day...when I say hands full that really means the ball seemed to be a magnet to his solid mits. He made the Mozzie forwards work hard for every possession. 

All the boys worked liked trojens for all 4 quarters but the Mozzie goals kept on coming.....as they should with a bench the size of the Blue Mountains. Morgs kept on getting his hands on it but the Mozzie hands kept on finding him as well however much he tried to swat them away. Nolsey turned back time and kicked our goal of the day😉.
Mikey was ploughing through and ripping up the ground with his pace all day while Col kicked the point of the day earning him the "dick of the day" award.

Stevie A just smiled his way through the day however that maybe because he had a French Connection waiting for him back home. All in all it was a tough day but a positive one. The result may not have gone our way but the commitment from the Tiger boys was second to none and one to build on for the rest of the season!! Year of the Tiger!!

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