Third straight win for the Tigers with 17 point victory over Sharks

The Tigers took another step towards the post-season with a great home win against the Glasgow Sharks.

It looked as though there was a tough day ahead for the hosts, as the Sharks scored within a minute of first bounce. The lead only lasted six minutes however, with Connor Robinson scoring three minutes in, and with a behind either side the Tigers took a two point lead early on.

The Sharks would battle back with a goal in the 12th to retake the lead by five points.

However, things would quickly swing into the Tigers favour, as Stevie Allen’s goal was followed by a James Fraser one less than a minute later as the quarter came to a close.

End of Q1: Tigers 23 (3.5) Sharks 15 (2.3)

In the fifth minute of quarter two, Harry Telfer extended the Tigers lead momentarily with a long kick through the posts. The Sharks pull that back with a minute though.

Nine minutes in and the Tigers opened the gap once again. Skipper Roy Brannigan got his first of the afternoon. Once again the Sharks pulled themselves back into the game, with a 14th minute goal and four behinds closing a 14 point gap down to five before the end of the quarter.

Half-Time: Tigers 38 (5.8) Sharks 33 (4.9)

Within a minute of the third quarter starting Fraser scored his second, but the Sharks reply with their own six-pointer two minutes later.

Another couple of goals in quick succession from the Tiger saw the lead grow for good however. Colum Donaghy continued his goalscoring run in the fourth minute before Robinson scored his second of the afternoon in the fifth.

The Sharks would kick their sixth of the afternoon 12 minutes in but once again the Tigers hit back with two.

Telfer secured his brace in the 14th minute before Robinson completed his hat-trick with an unbelievable kick from banana kick from the sideline in the 17th.

End of Q3: Tigers 70 (10.10) Sharks 49 (6.13)

The Sharks kicked the quarters first in the third minute as they looked to close the 21 point deficit from third quarter time.

But Robinson would reply a minute later with an overhead kick to get his fourth and the Tigers 11th of the day extending the lead to 22.

The Sharks gave one last push scoring two in a minute to close the gap to 10 with eight minutes to play.

However, the Tigers wrapped things up as Brannigan got his second in the 13th minute and Dave Hodgson got his name on the scoresheet in the 14th minute to take the lead back to 22.

Sharks added five behinds before the end of the game but it wouldn’t be enough to stop the Tigers extending on their title challenging form for a third consecutive win.

Full-Time: Tigers 90 (13.12) Sharks 73 (9.19)

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