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Gone for now but not forgotten

Josh Tambakis

Role: Defender

Profile: Fearsome paced swingman with the ability to deliver the ball with pinpoint accuracy. Josh was the first in a long line of Tigers captains to be sent off

League appearances: 2

League Goals: 1

Shaun Bulmer #10

Half Back

League Appearances: 8

League Goals: 0

Marc Coombes


League Appearances: 8

League Goals: 5

Josh Box #3

Nickname: Boxy

Occupation: Policeman

Role: Waterboy, Occasional player

Profile: Boxy's time with the tigers has been very much a tease so far, the odd game before disappearing due to injury.  Boxy has been sent back to Australia to heal his aging body before hopefully returning a fit and firing new man.  

Boxy Fact - He owns 5 different hair dryers.

League Appearances:2

League Goals:1

Angus Juers #19

Nickname: Gus

Occupation: Barman

Role: Midfielder/Forward

Profile: Gus is the baby of team, having recently hitting puberty in early 2017.  Gus is looking forward to competing with adults this season both on and off the field.  Crafty has volunteered to take him under his wing and teach him lessons from 30 years of debauchery.  On the field, Gus is a quick and evasive midfielder.

League Appearances: 2

League Goals: 3

Patrick MacKay #31

Nickname: Patty

Occupation: Teacher/Barman

Role: Forward

Profile: Pat is a new inclusion to the Tigers for 2017, after having decided to sample the Geordie culture for a six-month stint.  A strong leading forward with vast football experience, Pat will be aiming to give Lally's record of 44 goals a good shake this season.  Has a fancy haircut.

League Appearances: 2

League Goals: 18

Morgan Cole #30

Nickname: Morgs / Big Morgs

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Role: Assistant Coach/Defender/Forward

Profile: Morgan is an old fashioned but effective bash and crash for defender, his brief ambitions for forward dominance were quickly curtailed by some poor goal kicking (mainly 2.8 against Merseyside).  Morgs will help Chris out with coaching duties during training sessions for the upcoming season.

League Appearances: 15

League Goals: 28

Honours AFLCNE Plate winner 2017

Matt Busby #45

Half Back/Half Forward

League Appearances: 7

League Goals: 1

Gwyn Veenstra #18

Nickname: Gywnny

Occupation: IT Monkey

Role: Semi-retired, field umpire

Profile: Gywn was last seasons coach, back up ruckman and all-round every-man.  He along side Rog helped guide the club to its first league silverware in the plate final.  He will be taking a step back this season as he becomes a father for the first time.

League Appearances: 17

League Goals: 1

Honours: AFLCNE Plate winner 2016

Brady Evans #24

Nickname: Brads

Occupation: Recruitment/HR

Role: Midfielder

Profile: Brady was last years runners up in the best and fairest awards, a skillful inside outside midfielder, he will feature heavily in games before returning to Aus in August.  Brady is perhaps best known for taking the piss out of anyone, but especially arch nemesis Crafty.

League Appearances: 9

League Goals: 8

Honours: AFLCNE Plate winner 2016

Warwick Bettles #33

Nickname: Cappa

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Role: Ruck/Utility

Profile: Cappa has joined the club after being convinced that the Tigers are a far superior team then the local American Football Club.  No doubt he will likely regret this decision.  Cappa will add depth to our ruck stocks as well as being a utility all over the ground.  Early indicators are the Cappa will represent in style in post-football shenanigans.

League Appearances: 5

League Goals: 0

Honours AFLCNE Plate winner 2017

Liam Robinson #7

Nickname: Classified

Occupation: When we know you'll know, suspect some form of agent

Role: Forward/Midfielder

Profile:The inaugural best and fairest winner of the Tigers, He is from Perth but no-one holds that against him.

League Appearances: 28

League Goals: 60

Honours: AFLCNE Plate winner 2016, AFLCNE Plate winner 2017, Tyne cup winner 2018

AFLCNE Plate winner 2017

Captain 2014

Tom Lally #21

Nickname: Lally, The Myth, Wombat

Occupation: Archaeologist

Role: Forward

Profile: Rumours are that Lally could play a bit, anecdotal evidence of 44 goals in 9 games helps back this theory up.  However, his presence in a tiger shirt over the last two seasons has been as hard to find as the artefacts he is currently digging for in Australia.  Wait and see.......

League Appearances: 9

League Goals: 44

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