Tigers do it again - 4 in a row v Eagles


The Tigers 2019 tour rolled into town to take on the Eagles in a fixture re-arranged from April. Arriving in confident mood (via a magical mystery tour of suburban Linlithgow) the lads were quickly brought down to earth by an early goal with the hosts. Had the wheels come off the Tigers bus? An instant reply from back pocket Ian Kerr who drifted forward unnoticed soon had services returned to the usual timetable and with Dave Hodgson proving the old saying that if you wait 5 mins 3 turn up at once hitting the target from long range propelled the Tigers into a comfortable lead at the end of the 1st quarter.


End of Q1 Eagles 1.4.10 Tigers 6.5.41


The second quarter appeared to be following the route of the first with a solitary goal to the Eagles and Dave H replying from downtown. With captain Roy Brannigan conducting from midfield and hitting the first of his regular 2 goals the stage was set for Connor Robinson to stage his version of the National Express hitting the target at will. With the team hitting 9.4 for the quarter the lead grew to a handy 81 points at the major break.


Half time Eagles 2.6.18 Tigers 15.9.99 Quarter 3 is known as the premiership quarter and even though this was just a home and away round the Tigers were not about to end regular service just yet. With ruck Column Donaghy (proving being the height of a double decker is an advantage) dominating the centre clearances the Tigers added a dominant 10.4 in the period with Connor and Dave proving a deadly 1-2 punch up top.


End of Q3 Eagles 3.8.26 Tigers 25.13.163


With the days service coming to an end the bus was firmly parked in Q4 with Tigers causing a lot of traffic in the midfield and generating a lot of breakdowns in play whilst seeing the game out. A sedate 3.2 was added in the final term as the engine of the team was rested and Mini applied the final touch with a truffle of a goal from 20 yards. When the final bell rang the Tigers ran out victors by 146 points.


Final Eagles 4.13.37 Tigers 28.15.183


Goals Connor Robinson 13 (club record)

Dave Hodgson 7

Colum Donaghy 2

Anthony Roy Brannigan 2

Ian Kerr 1

Matthew Bartsch 1

Cameron Armstrong 1

David “Mini” Rolt 1

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