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Bouncing The Football (& Touching it to the Ground

One of the most attractive features of Australian Rules football is that it is a fast, free flowing game.


One of the things that makes it so is the fact that a player in possession of the football can run wherever and as far as they like, just as long as they bounce the ball on the ground every 15 metres (or - the weather makes bouncing difficult - touch the ball to the ground).

But beware! If a player runs too far (i.e. greater than 15 metres) without bouncing the ball the umpire will pay a free kick to the opposition, and bouncing the ball when you are running at full speed is a skill in and of itself, and thus is very worthwhile practising at training. 

Check out the videos below to help get yourself bouncing along like a kangaroo!

(Sorry...I just couldn't help myself)

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