2018 SARFL Game 1 - Away v Edinburgh Bloods

Edinburgh Bloods 21.27.153 def Tyne Tees Tigers 7.4.46

Well April 28th had been marked down in the diaries as the day the Tiger's created a bit of history. Our first ever league game in Scotland for points!!
We arrived in Edinburgh to face the Edinburgh Bloods and after an enjoyable bus ride and an even more enjoyable quiz from the Tiger's newly appointed quiz master (Roy) we were as ready as we were ever going to be. Although I'm sure Mini and Sparky didnt know what hit them when they found themselves wearing dresses after going down badly in the bus quiz!!
The weather was pretty good although the Bloods certainly had the aid of a breeze in the first quarter. But that didn't stop history being made in the first 5 mins!! Liam kicking a beauty from the pocket for not only the first goal of the game and season but also the first ever goal in the Scottish League!! 
But that was about the only real highlight of the Tigers first quarter as the Bloods kicked away to a handy lead.
The word for the season from coach Rodger is intensity and although the scoreboard didn't reflect that it was certainly evident from the sidelines. The boys put in hard with no real reward.
The second quarter came and we battled against a pretty smooth team. We just needed to play smarter footy and hit the ball with more intent. Col was winning the tap and controlling the centre we just needed to get our hands on the ball and use it better!!
After a few tactical changes...mainly Matty in the guts and Liam coming in off the defensive square the Tigers began to make an impact. Roy was doing his usual running everywhere for the ball while Trav and Slats were trying to tame the Bloods mammoth full forward.
The boys were putting in a shift!!
The voice was starting to be heard and the Bloods new they were going to feel the pain on Sunday morning!
Our fitness has always been our achilies heel and that has not changed......yet!
Although our passion was there to see. 
We finished the game as we started it....with a goal!!
By the end of the last quarter the scoreline was unkind to the Tigers going down by just over 100 points.
Positives for the day certainly outdid any negatives. 
A special day for the club and for SARFL.
Well done to the boys who created a little slice of history and for making the day pretty special. 
It's never nice to lose but we come away knowing we can make a strong impact on the league and that starts this Saturday at home again the Giants. Bounce 3pm.
Get behind the club and the squad and lets keep building the foundations for success.


Anthony Brannigan 3

Liam Robinson 1

Harry Telfer 1

Daniel Slater 1

Chris Medcraft 1

Best on ground - Colum Donaghy

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