Tyne Tees Tigers 21.22 (147) defeated Merseyside Saints 5.10 (40)

Q1 9.4 v 2.0
Q2 11.10 v 4.4
Q3 15.21v 4.5
Q4 21.26 v 5.10

Tigers travelled away to Sheffield for our second league match to the new boys Merseyside. The Tigers took to the field with a strong line up and four on the bench. The day had extra meaning as the tigers wore black arm bands to commerate the anniversary of Boxie's mate who died 2years ago. The tigers got a quick jump on their inexperienced opponents and had a handy seven goal lead at quarter time. Lead by captain Steve Allen, at fullback, who gave the Tigers lots of drive out of defense all day. In the the guts a new look Tiger midfield of Morgs, Boxie and Brady ( on debut) were getting on top. The clearances out of the middle were snaffled up by our big marking fordwards in Liam and Chris. Credit to the Saints who made the 2nd quarter a closer affair on the scoreboard scoring two goals to the Tigers two goals and six behinds. At half time the Tigers went into the rooms to reflect on the good and bad bits of play. From the start of the 3rd quarter Tigers returned to the starting line up and  were roaring again, kicking four goals to the Saints one behind. No luck for the battling Saints as they copped injuries and were reduced to 8 players on the pitch. The Tigers took advantage of their tiring injured opponent to boot six last quarter goals.

Man of the match: Steve Allen
Notable mentions to Liam (7 goals), Chris (5), Ian (2), Sparky (2), Morgs (2), Brady (2), Boxie (1), Dan, Bish,

Was great to sing the Tigers song nice and loud after the match......"YELLOW AND BLACK"

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